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Updated: Aug 25, 2022

All CBD enthusiasts make the same observation: hemp varieties differ in their taste or smell and their effects on the body, even with equivalent cannabinoid concentrations. This is the famous entourage effect.

What is the entourage effect?

The entourage effect was first described by an Israeli researcher specializing in cannabis, Raphaël Méchoulam, in 1998. He defined it as how the different compounds in hemp interact to create synergies that give the plant its specific properties.

The researcher even thinks that the different components of cannabis have much more powerful effects when used together than separately. Since then, research in the medical sector has highlighted this entourage effect.

Psychopharmacologist Ethan Russo, for example, studied the effects of Sativex, a cannabis drug for multiple sclerosis. According to his data, only 4 out of 250 people had psychotic effects when taking this drug which combines THC and CBD, while 40% of pure THC users had an adverse impact.

Brazilian researchers compared studies conducted between 2013 and 2017 on patients taking pure CBD or hemp plant extracts more recently. 71% of the latter saw improvements, compared to 36% for those who only consumed CBD.

Much research is still being done on the entourage effect. With more than 480 molecules identified to date, hemp still has many secrets to unlock!

Entourage Effect and CBD

The entourage effect of cannabis has mainly been studied in the medical sector. But it can also be particularly interesting if you take CBD for recreational use or to improve your well-being.

The entourage effect is indeed mainly due to the presence of terpenes and flavonoids in hemp. However, terpenes are aromatic molecules that give CBD products their aromas and smells so characteristic and appreciated by weed lovers. Some of the main terpenes found in hemp, such as myrcene, pinene, and Limonene, are well-known to aromatherapy and alternative medicine enthusiasts.

Limonene is renowned for its anti-stress and anti-anxiety properties, with its pleasant lemony taste. Pinene, whose smell evokes fir trees, is known for its anti-inflammatory effects and for improving alertness. Terpenes interact with CBD, enhancing its effectiveness.

Some researchers believe that terpenes act on cannabinoid receptors.

Choosing a variety of hemp rich in terpenes can therefore help you maintain a state of daily well-being. By taking full-spectrum CBD, you will combine both the pleasure of taste with a reinforced effect, thanks to the synergy between cannabinoids and terpenes! It can also be fascinating to use CBD oils in massage to undo muscle tension and relax sore areas.

As for flavonoids, mainly present in the head of cannabis plants, they are renowned for their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. They also interact with cannabinoids, although the mechanism of action is still largely unknown. Finally, it is the flavonoids that give cannabis its color.

Therefore, choosing the right CBD is not just about selecting the cannabinoid level and the product form. By favoring full spectrum CBD rich in terpenes and flavonoids, you will benefit from a good entourage effect for a guaranteed recreational experience and well-being.

SunKissed Greenz CBD Oil & Terpenes

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Our daytime blends are made with a blend of alpha pinene, limonene, beta caryophyllene, & linalool. This combination is helps with combatting daytime struggles such as anxiety, pain, & depression. Our premium CBD oils are supercharged with your health and wellness in mind using local grown hemp and premium natural ingredients.

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