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Our team

Image by Quino Al
Image by Ann Savchenko


Founder/ Cannabinoid Scientist 

Misty has been formulating and making natural products since she was a child where her Dutch grandma would teach her about natural wellness. She has been in the cannabis industry professionally for 4 years and personally for 25 years. Her passion is to help people feel great again by formulating natural wellness products and she has great success doing so. 

Image by Joel Muniz


Co-Founder/ Edibles Specialist 

Bryan started a hobby in cannabis cultivation about 15 years ago.   He studied various growing methods and began to shift his interest to infused edibles about 8 years ago.

Bryan has since created some of the best edible formulations around. Bryan specializes in making infused gummies, chocolates, sauces, mints, desserts, and other foods.

Image by Joel Muniz
Image by Jonas Weckschmied


Marketing & Design Assistant

Shelley is a multitalented, energetic, creative addition to the SunKissed team. From t-shirt designer & hilarious TikTok videos to lab assistant , Shelley does it all! 

Shelley is also a lover of nature and enjoys time spent outside with her husband and son. Even in the midst of her fun days out Shelley stops to snap beautiful nature pics for our products. 


Yoga & Wellness Coach

Sam is licensed for a variety of methods of yoga . Her passion is teaching yoga to kids and grief support groups. Sam offers yoga classes for every skill level from meditation to cardio. Her various skills help us provide events for people in most stages of life.

For more info on Sam's classes click here.

Image by Rainhard Wiesinger
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