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Updated: Mar 15, 2022


Hello ! My name is Misty, the founder of SunKissed Greenz . And this is my lil story.

I grew up in a Dutch family where my grandma would teach me about natural wellness since practically birth. At a very young age I learned how to make my own skincare and soaps. I would read about essential oils, plants, herbs, and vitamins during my free time. I've read books and taken classes and I love to fill my head with natural based knowledge. I got married 21 years ago to a man who had/has lots of knowledge in the cannabis plant and cultivation and also shared the same natural wellness interests as I did.

When I became an adult I entered the world of chiropractic and became an office manager there. Somewhere along the lines I became good at medical billing but it wasn't truly what I wanted in life. However, it was here that I realized I veered off into a direction that I didn't truly believe in. Day after day I processed medical bills by the thousands of dollars. I saw how many people suffered from illness and also how many people suffer from medical bill debt. It's a sad cycle. I'm not here to tell you to not go to your doctor or to not take your prescribed medicine. Please do not do this! However, Would you be interested in trying an all natural approach to see if it betters your health naturally instead of chemically ? I most certainly would.

Although I have seen the benefits of CBD first hand, it is important to know that it is always best advised to discuss a new CBD regimen with your doctor if you have any medical conditions or if you are on medication. Like most supplements, there is a risk of CBD impacting other medicines you take – or that other medicines you take could impact the dose of CBD that can safely be used. Taking CBD with other medications may increase or decrease the effects of the other medications.

So after medical billing I was lucky enough to take a job offer running a CBD formulation lab for a few years. I loved it! It was here that I filled in all of my knowledge gaps on the cannabis plant and learned even deeper knowledge about CBD. It was also here that I learned how to run a laboratory, and also how not to run a laboratory. Sure I had the CBD knowledge down but I wasn't able to run the lab as I truly wanted it to run. I had people over me that had different expectations in the business than I did. Its not surprise though, I'm a perfectionist to the extreme . I knew it was time to break off and run things my way. So I did.

SunKissed Greenz started February 2021 with nothing but stimulus money. Sure it was tricky seeing everyone go on vacation with there extra funds. But I wanted a piece of the American dream and even more so I wanted to help people feel better.

SunKissed Greenz is a woman owned & family supported company. This means that without my amazing family none of this would be able to happen. I'm blessed with a rock solid support system who also side gig as my lab rats. ha ha! Everything in our product line is formulated by me, the mad scientist. Our products have gone through many trials with my family of lab rats (actual people and not rats, we don't test on animals, that's mean) and shelf life testing . We also send our products to a 3rd party lab so that it is tested for potency & safety. We post these lab certificates on our website. We want you to know what you are taking and we want you to feel safe while doing so.

CBD is not heavily regulated currently. Because of this there are many CBD brands out there who are selling items that contain lead & pesticides or they are selling you products without the correct potency. This is dangerous and also does not provide an accurate idea if CBD is truly benefitting you. Most CBD users I have spoke with have purchased from unreliable sources , they do not know what dose they are taking, or they never look to see if it was tested in a lab. You only get one body, Please know what you are consuming. Its important to know where your hemp comes from as well. SunKissed Greenz uses locally grown hemp that is also 3rd party lab tested before it becomes a product. So our products are tested twice before going to the consumer.

At SunKissed Greenz we LOVE questions. We want to educate you. We want to help people feel better & live there best life. Perhaps CBD can help you achieve a life of better sleep, less pain, and more. Please reach out to chat!

Thanks for getting to know me and SunKissed Greenz!

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Daniel Socha
Daniel Socha
Aug 30, 2021

Thanks for sharing your story!

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