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Updated: Dec 15, 2023

What is the relationship between CBD and post-holiday depression? In this article, we will talk about the symptoms that this depression causes, how returning to work and routine after the holidays affect us, holiday grieving, as well as give you recommendations to improve your mood and quality of life. Finally, we will advise you on how to take CBD oil to combat this phenomenon, also called holiday stress.


The holidays come and go, and with it, most of us resume our work and usual life routine. For many, it is an arduous task after some fun weeks dedicated to rest and relaxation, For others, it could be weeks of mourning and deep sadness grieving the loss of a loved one.

In the first days of the New Year, it is very normal for some of us to be overwhelmed by dissatisfaction and a feeling of refusal to adapt to going back to the way things were before the holidays. This phenomenon is called post-holiday depression syndrome, and its most common symptoms are:

  • Anxiety accompanied by muscle tension, increased heart rate, or sweating.

  • General tiredness

  • Sadness or apathy

  • Irritability and demotivation.

  • Feeling of lack of time control.

  • Negativity.


Many have just returned from vacation, maybe you took the trip of a lifetime, or you have spent some time off relaxing in the comfort of your home. Either way, you have relaxed and disconnected from the work routine, but on the way back, whether you have already unpacked your suitcase or not, you may find yourself with another type of luggage: A persistent feeling of sadness from the moment you reopened the door of your house.

Some people may have suffered spiritually and emotionally during and after the terminal illness of someone close to them. Mothers, fathers, siblings, friends, and other loved ones who are facing the imminent loss of someone they love dearly. At the end of the patient's life, a new journey begins for those left behind; the way through the pain. In many cases, the journey can be long and take a significant emotional and physical toll.

Mourning sadness, or bereavement, is not a finite experience, but rather an ever-changing and continuous journey. It is the mourning and the processing, the analysis, and the emotional excavation. If you've ever experienced sadness – whether it's the death of a loved one or pet, loss, or perceived loss of any kind – you know how devastating it can be to your brain, body, and spirit.

Many researchers conclude that the happiness felt during the holidays does not usually last, when the holidays are over, people return to their pre-holiday happiness levels or even lower levels within a few days. That is why post-holiday depression is very real, but if you pay attention to the factors that cause it, with determination and the support of a community or people around you, you will be able to recover from it and perhaps at the same time, improve your lifestyle.

This video talks about how CBD acts in our body to combat anxiety, one of the symptoms of post-holiday depression:


CBD oil is undoubtedly the most well-known kind of CBD, and for good reason. CBD is a stronger antioxidant than vitamin C or E! It is believed that the antioxidant effect of cannabidiol is partly due to its ability to resist chronic inflammation and protect neurons from free radicals. Due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, cannabidiol is a promising treatment for all forms of neurodegenerative diseases. CBD oil is a good option for reducing stress, grief, anxiety, body pain, and much more.

Here are 5 benefits of CBD oil in managing post-holiday depression:

  • Helps Reduce Pain

The role of CBD is to relieve pain without making us feel high because our body has cannabinoid receptors through which the corresponding chemicals can bind and trigger certain brain functions. These functions help relieve body pain and inflammation.

  • Helps Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural state of the brain and is only activated at specific times of the day when necessary. One of the uses of CBD in psychiatry is as a natural anti-anxiety medication. This means that in addition to reducing the depression that can occur in certain situations, it also helps to reduce anxiety.

  • Helps Reduce Stress

CBD is a natural anti-stress product. CBD exhibits a relaxing effect. Serotonin, also known as the “happiness hormone,” plays an important role in fighting stress and can affect mood, depression, or sleep. CBD helps increase serotonin levels, helps restore a more relaxed state, and optimizes sleep.

  • CBD Increases Concentration And Performance

Premium CBD oil is an option to reduce stress, allowing you to focus more on work. CBD may be a good way to improve work efficiency. Through consumption, we will reduce unnecessary fatigue and the need to rest.

  • CBD For Better Sleep

CBD influences the circadian modulation (homeostasis) of sleep. It thus helps the human body to enter a deep phase of relaxation, and therefore to fight against insomnia, helping you get those golden hours of uninterrupted sleep.


Today the use of CBD oil is quite widespread in society, many people use it both to improve their daily lives and to combat pain, grief, anxiety, depression, and a wide list of diseases. As we have already mentioned, symptoms of post-vacation depression such as anxiety, lack of sleep or concentration, lack of vitality, and muscle pain may be easily solved with our CBD products.

The most common way to take CBD oil is through drops under the tongue, leaving them there for 45 seconds before swallowing. In this way, cannabidiol oil is quickly absorbed and reaches the CB1 and CB2 receptors of our body directly.

If you are wondering how to take it, we remind you of one of our favorite words, “Start low and go slow”. You'll want to start with a dropper full of the lowest milligram and if the desired effects are not achieved with this dose, you will gradually increase the number until you find the perfect dose for your particular body & symptoms. Also, this is a little reminder to you that CBD is a natural, safe product that does not create dependency and whose use is supported by the World Health Organization.


Post-holiday depression can be difficult to manage, however, aside from mitigating the aforementioned symptoms with our CBD oil, there are other healthy ways to deal with post-holiday stress as well. These recommendations include:

  • Get enough sleep

  • Practice meditation

  • Practice yoga

  • Seek additional support from friends and family

  • Schedule free time activities in advance

  • Practice CrossFit

  • Create self-care rituals

  • Go outside and be at one with nature


It's completely normal to feel a sense of depression after or around the holidays, no matter how long or enjoyable it was. To avoid post-holiday depression, try to make rest a priority and give yourself time to adjust back to the routine after returning home.

Once you have returned to the routine, you can minimize post-holiday stress by returning to sports and a healthy diet, taking care of your health, exploring your city and surroundings, and making changes to make your life more relaxing and meaningful.

Finally, if you need help with some of the symptoms of post-holiday depression, reach out to chat with our hemp experts, or feel free to take a look at our catalog of CBD products and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Was our article on CBD for post-holiday depression and grief helpful to you? If so, please leave us a message, or let us know if you have any further concerns about this amazing product. We would love to answer you and help you learn more about CBD and its benefits.

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