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Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Once upon a time lived a sweet little dog named Molly. Molly was a lucky lil dog who had a family that loved her like crazy. Molly got to go on boating trips, camping trips, and often enjoyed her time at her grandparents lake house. One day Molly's old age decided to try to creep up on her and Molly started having seizures. Molly's seizures came on fast and aggressive having about 3 per day. Lucky for Molly she had a mom in the cannabis industry who was running a CBD lab. (Its me, I'm Molly's mom).

Molly photo above

Molly was approaching 15 years old so we thought this was going to be the end of her journey with us. But instead of giving up I decided to work on a pet care CBD line in effort to help Molly's health out. I started giving Molly CBD oil in her food every day. I can not legally claim any medical miracles or statements but I will say that in less than a week Molly's seizures drastically reduced leaving her at about one per month or even longer sometimes. This made me ecstatic thinking I would enhance my lil dogs life with this beautiful plant we call hemp. Molly motivated me to expand my CBD product line to one that had premium CBD products for our dogs too.

Sadly, we lost Molly this year on Labor Day. She was a 17 year old (yep, 2 years after her seizures started!) happy and loved peekapoo who is missed every day. In October we decided to rescue a new pup, Bohdi. Bohdi was completely opposite from Molly. We went from a Peekapoo to a German Shepherd! Big change in dog meant new product ideas & visions. I once was focusing on my senior dog who had arthritis and seizures to now having a year and a half year old Shepherd with energy & a sense of adventure in her. So we now have irresistible hard treats for on the go snacking and our Perfect Paws Salve for paw and skin irritations that have recently been added to our product line.

Our natural dog treats have been perfect to help crate train Bohdi and ease her anxiety while getting used to her new home. And because we are an outdoorsy family, Bohdi's paws tend to turn into rough sandpaper after hiking trips. Our paw protection salve is soothing and natural for intense hydration and healing. It can be used on paws or skin (and its FANTASTIC for humans too!) . And this stuff smells so good !!! Our entire CBD Pet line is always made with locally grown THC Free Isolate CBD. We test our products through a 3rd party lab for safety & potency. We love our dogs like they are family. And we love your dog too. That's why its nothing but the best with SunKissed Greenz CBD Pet Care.

Bohdi photo above

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